2020 Hall of Fame Ballot: Afterword – Halfway There

IntroductionYesYes*Yes?No+NoMy BallotModern EraAfterword This was intended to be the final post in my 2020 Hall of Fame series, but when planning I forgot that the results of the Modern Era vote would be announced long before the BBWAA vote. As such, this post will be entirely about the Modern Era, and I will unpublish it [...]

2020 BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot: A Vote without Confidence

A dominant peak and huge postseason moments make Cliff Lee's brief career worthy of more consideration than it first seems. IntroductionYesYes*Yes?No+NoMy BallotModern EraAfterword I've mentioned in previous portions of this series that I would like voting for the Hall of Fame to be a simple yes/no decision for every player on the ballot. These two [...]

2019 a Death Knell for a Metallic Era of Second Basemen

A rash of injuries to Dustin Pedroia (left) and a down year from Robinson Canó (right) contributed to officially ending an era of great second basemen in 2019. Every offseason I spend several days' worth of hours creating spreadsheets so that I can compile a Top 10 list of players at each position for the [...]

2020 BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot: For One Year Only

Despite four superstar-level seasons, Alfonso Soriano headlines this ballot's list of players who should go one-and-done. IntroductionYesYes*Yes?No+NoMy BallotModern EraAfterword This year there are a total of 32 players of the ballot for Hall of Fame consideration by the BBWAA. A great many of them—15, in my opinion—are deserving of induction into the hallowed building in [...]

2020 BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot: Introduction – Into the Matrix

On his tenth and final year of eligibility, Larry Walker will need a push to earn his rightful place in Cooperstown. IntroductionYesYes*Yes?No+NoMy BallotModern EraAfterword Happy Hall of Fame season everyone! Just mere hours ago the BBWAA announced their 2020 ballot. It's a bit weaker than the ones we've seen the past few years, but still [...]

2020 Modern Era Ballot not a Clear Image

Somehow Marvin Miller, among the most influential figures in baseball history, remains out of the Hall of Fame. The Modern Era vote will hopefully remedy that. IntroductionYesYes*Yes?No+NoMy BallotModern EraAfterword The 2020 Modern Era candidates for the Hall of Fame were announced Monday, with the 10-person pool representing quite a mixed bag. Each of those 10 [...]