About the Site and the Author

Hi everyone. This is my attempt at running a blog based upon my statistical and observed musings about Major League Baseball. The plan is to post an average of about two pieces per week, and possibly to expand from there should the opportunity arise. Pieces will have a noticeably progressive tilt, and will refer to the knowledge of the analytics community quite often. An general understanding of advanced statistics will be necessary to fully understand what is written, but there will be explanations when more obscure metrics are used.

Now to introduce myself to you, the readers. My name is Sean Huff, and I am currently an undergraduate student in New York City. I am studying mathematics with a concentration in decision making and a minor in sports journalism. While I will be trying to remain completely impartial in my writing, I will state up-front that I am a fan of the Phillies, so an occasional bias may leak into my work. For those readers interested in seeing things I have written previously, I have very little prior experience. However, you can read the handful of articles I have submitted to the FanGraphs community research, which can be accessed through my Twitter bio on the account @srhkthew2. I hope you all enjoy whatever content I produce here. Happy reading.

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